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ANOTHER LOOK: Better Health for Elders in Care Facilities

Another Look was established to provide funding for research projects that can improve the quality of care for the elderly population in nursing homes or other care facilities. Researchers must use data that already exists for their study.  In addition, researchers applying for this grant must identify a stakeholder in the care delivery or policy arena with whom they will either consult or collaborate and who is willing to work with the researcher to develop a research product that may be readily used to improve care.

Lisa Barry, PhD (awarded in 2013)
University of Connecticut Health Center
Stakeholder organization: Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and Department of Corrections
“A Community-Based Skilled Nursing Facility for Difficult-to-Place Residents”

Randi Berkowitz, MD (awarded in 2013)
Commonwealth Care Alliance
Stakeholder organization: Northeast University
“Skilled Nursing Facility Shared Savings Plan”

Marie Boltz, PhD and Jane Flanagan, PhD (awarded in 2015)
Boston College
Stakeholder Organization: Massachusetts Office of Elder Affairs
“Post-Acute Outcomes in Nursing Home Residents with Dementia” 

Kenneth Bookvar, MD (awarded in 2016)
The New Jewish Home Research Institute on Aging
Stakeholder Organization: Continuing Care Leadership Coalition and Greater New York Hospital Association
“Adverse Effects of Diuretics in Nursing Home Residents with Dementia”

Susan H. Busch, PhD (awarded in 2015)
Yale School of Medicine
Stakeholder Organization: Connecticut State Department on Aging
“Reducing Inappropriate Use of Anti-Psychotic Medications in Nursing Homes”

Andrew B. Cohen, MD, PhD (awarded in 2015)
Yale School of Medicine
Stakeholder Organizations: The Mary Wade House and the Office of Guardianship and Elder Services, Washington State Administrative Office of the Court
“End-of-Life Care for Nursing Home Residents with Guardians”

Carrie H. Colla, PhD (awarded in 2016)
Geisel Medical School at Dartmouth College
Stakeholder Organization: Federal Coordinated Health Care Office
“Transforming Nursing Home Care Under the ACO Model”

Stephen Crystal, PhD (awarded in 2015)
Rutgers University
Stakeholder Organization: Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services
“Data Driven Quality Improvement for Safer Dementia Care in Texas”

Lara Dhingra, PhD (awarded in 2015)
Metropolitan Jewish Health System
Stakeholder Organization: Hospice and Palliative Care Association of New York State
“Institutional Special Needs Plans and Hospice in Nursing Homes: Prevalence and patterns”

Jennifer Gaudet-Hefele, PhD (awarded in 2014)
The Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University
Stakeholder organization: Massachusetts Senior Care Foundation
“Chasing Medicare: Impact of Post Acute Specialization”

David C. Grabowski, PhD (awarded in 2016)
Harvard Medical School
Stakeholder Organization: OptumCare
“The Impact of Enhanced Primary Care in Nursing Homes”

Joseph T. Hanlon, PharmD (awarded in 2014)
University of Pittsburgh
Stakeholder organization:  University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Senior Communities
“Cumulative CNS Medication Dosage and Serious Fall Injuries”

Sean Jeffrey, PharmD (awarded in 2015)
University of Connecticut
Stakeholder Organization: Department of Geriatric Medicine, Hartford Hospital
“Preventing Medication-Associated Delirium”

Mark S. Lachs, MD (awarded in 2015)
Weill Cornell College of Medicine
Stakeholder Organization: 1199SEIU/League Training and Employment Fund
“Annual Prevalence of Resident-to-Resident Mistreatment”

Yue Li, PhD (awarded in 2014)
University of Rochester Medical Center
Stakeholder organization: Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency
“Reducing Avoidable Hospital Uses from Nursing Homes”

 Lew Lipsitz, MD (awarded in 2013)
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Stakeholder organization: Fourteen nursing homes in Massachusetts and Maine
“Evaluating the ECHO-AGE: Remote Video-Consultations for NHS”

Donovan Maust, MD (awarded in 2016)
University of Michigan
Stakeholder Organizations: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid; Michigan Great Lakes Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association
“Unintended Effects of Antipsychotic Reduction in Nursing Homes”

Pamela Nadash, PhD (awarded in 2015)
University of Massachusetts
Stakeholder Organization: National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care
“Nursing Home Satisfaction Measures: What is their relationship to quality”

Jennifer Perloff, PhD (awarded in 2015)
Brandeis University
Stakeholder Organization: Hebrew SeniorLife
“Accountable Care: Impact on nursing home services”

Joann Reinhardt, PhD (awarded in 2013)
Jewish Home Lifecare
Stakeholder organization: Excellus BlueCross BlueShield
“Improving End of Life Care in a Nursing Home”

Helen Temkin-Greener, PhD (awarded in 2016)
University of Rochester
Stakeholder Organization: Finger Lakes Health System Agency
“Improving the Quality of Mental Health in Nursing Homes”

Jennifer Tjia, MD (awarded in 2013)
University of Massachusetts Medical School
Stakeholder organization: Massachusetts Senior Care Foundation
“Evaluating an Elder Care Resident Intervention”

Kimberly Van Haitsma, PhD (awarded in 2014)
The Pennsylvania State University
Stakeholder organization: The Pennsylvania Culture Change Coalition
“Assessing Resident Preferences to Advance Person Centered Care”


 Greater Value Portfolio is a new research grant award program that will fund research projects for three, four or five years with a maximum amount of $600,000 per award for the purpose of developing and testing new approaches to amplify the benefits of medical research and effective health care delivery to more people at an equivalent or reduced cost. The goal of this program is to spur new approaches that will bring greater value to healthcare delivery in the United States.

Scott D. Halpern, MD, PhD (awarded in 2016)
University of Pennsylvania
“Behavioral Economic Approaches to Improve Palliative Care for Critically Ill Patients”

Jeffrey T. Kullgren, MD, MPH and Eve A. Kerr, MD, MPH (awarded in 2015)
Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation and the Department of Internal Medicine, University of Michigan
“Patient, Provider, and Health System Effects of Provider Commitments to Choosing Wisely”

Valerie A. Lewis, PhD (awarded in 2015)
The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice
“Demonstrating methods to integrate clinical care, public health, and social services with value-based payment models”

Dale Ellen Lupu, PhD MPH (awarded in 2015)
George Washington University
“Implementing Shared-Decision Making with Chronic Kidney  Disease: Testing its impact on improved quality of life and reduced health care costs”

Ateev Mehrotra, MD, MPH (awarded in 2016)
Harvard Medical School
“Just google it”
What is the impact of making health care price information more accessible to consumers?

David Meltzer MD, PhD (awarded in 2016)
The University of Chicago
“Longitudinal Effects of Integrated Inpatient/Outpatient Care for Patients at Increased Risk of Hospitalization”

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R3 was developed to help promote knowledge created from research so that it will improve health.  In creating this program, we recognize that expertise from disciplines outside those traditionally eligible for research funding is needed for scaling, dissemination, and sustainability of evidence-based programs and practices.  It is our goal to provide researchers with financial support to access those experts, thus better positioning the health interventions to grown and be sustained following the completion of the research phase.  The R3 program is available only to current and past Donaghue grantees.

Nancy Berlinger, PhD (awarded 2013)
The Hastings Center
Reaching Non-Self-Identifiers: Marketing The Hastings Guidelines to Health Care Professionals Outside End-of-Life Networks”

Nancy Berlinger, PhD (2nd opportunity, awarded 2015)
The Hastings Center
“Reaching Non-Self-Identifiers in End-of-Life Care: Resolving uncertainty and improving practice among hospital clinicians across teams and shifts

John Cahill, MBBS and Vinod Srihari, MD (awarded 2015)
Yale University
“Stepping Out: A web and outcomes-based model for early psychosis care”

Anne Camp, MD (awarded 2014)
Fair Haven Community Health Center
“Replicating a Healthy Lifestyle Program in FQHCs”

Michelle Cloutier, MD (awarded 2013)
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
“Payer-Based Provider Portals to Accelerate Adoption and Dissemination of Easy Breathing™”

Judith Fifield, PhD (awarded 2013)
University of Connecticut Health Center
Translating a regionally developed and academically supported health promotion program for dissemination in new regions and in collaboration with a non-profit health plan.”

Judith Fifield, PhD (2nd opportunity, awarded 2015)
University of Connecticut Health Center
“Enhancing the Dissemination of SisterTalk”

Patricia Folcarelli RN, PhD (awarded 2017)
Sr. Director, Patient Safety
Silverman Institute for Health Care Quality and Safety
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
“Understanding Preventable Harm”

 Sharon Inouye, MD (awarded 2013)
Hebrew SeniorLife
HELP 2.0-Relevant, Ready and Reachable

Sharon Inouye, MD, MPH (2nd opportunity awarded 2015)
Hebrew SeniorLife
“HELP 2.0 – Relevant, Ready, Reachable”

 Robert Kerns, PhD (awarded 2014)
Yale School of Medicine
“Pain Care Quality Improvement/Research Marketplace”

Linda Mayes, MD & Lois Sadler, PhD (awarded 2013)
Yale University
“Minding the Baby®”

Diane Meier, MD (awarded 2013)
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
“IT Enhancement/Integration for the National Palliative Care Registry™
Data Drives Access to Quality Palliative Care”

 Martha Page, MPH & Ann M. Ferris, PhD (awarded 2014)
Hartford Food System, Inc.
University of Connecticut Health Center
“Healthy Food Marketing in Hartford Grocery Stores”

Anne Thorndike, MD (awarded 2014)
Massachusetts General Hospital
“Scaling and Implementation of a Worksite Healthy Eating Program”

William Zempsky, MD (awarded 2014)
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
“SEED – Greater Understanding of Sickle Cell Disease”


The Donaghue Foundation allocates funds through its Linking Evidence and Practice (LEAP) portfolio to support initiatives by other organizations whose work is aligned with the Donaghue mission to fund research that will be of practical benefit in improving health.

Through LEAP, the Foundation offers sponsorship support for events and programs that connect research evidence and evidence creators with healthcare policy, health systems and practice leaders, patients and the public.  In reviewing requests for funds, Donaghue places special emphasis on programs that promote collaboration amongst diverse stakeholders to improve health or that advance the work of past and current Donaghue grantees

2015 LEAP Grants

8th Annual Primary Care Summit: Strengthening Linkages between Primary Care and Public Health
Connecticut Center for Primary Care

Charting the Course: Navigating to Better Health and Transformed Care
Connecticut Health Advancement and Research Trust Inc. (CHART)

Reform to Transform – Getting to Better Health: CONNECTing Care & Community
Connecticut Health Advancement and Research Trust Inc. (CHART)

Partnering with Patients for Better Healthcare: Establishing and Sustaining Patient Family Advisory Councils to Help Eliminate Harm
Connecticut Health Research and Education Foundation (CHREF)

Better Health: It’s Your Health, Take Charge Conference

HRA New Frontiers in Science Distinguished Lectureship Program
Health Research Alliance

2015 New England Region Minority Nursing Leadership Conference
National Black Nurses Association, Inc.

 Rx – The Quiet Revolution: CT’s 3 Medical Schools Collaborate to Transform Primary Care
Quinnipiac University Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine

Medical Student (first!) Annual Research Symposium (MedStARS)
Quinnipiac University Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine

 Neuroscience 2015: Treatment, Technology and Recovery
Yale University

 InnovateHealth Yale Mentor in Residence
Yale University

Yale Health Care Conference: Optimizing Healthcare Outcomes; Translating Information Into Innovation
Yale University