Andrews Lecture Series

Andrews Lecture Series

Sue Sheridan - 2012 Andrews Lecture

2012 – Sue Sheridan
The Voice of the Patient: Now making a difference in treatment, research and patient safety.

Sheridan is Director of Patient Engagement at the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). She became a patient safety advocate after her family experienced two serious medical systems errors. Sheridan co-founded Consumers Advancing Patient Safety and led the WHO’s Patients for Patient Safety Initiative.

Lee Woodruff - Andrews Lecture 2011

2011 – Lee Woodruff
A Caregiver’s Journey

Woodruff is an author, blogger and television commentator whose best-selling book In an Instant: A family’s journey of love and healing chronicles her family’s experience coping with the effects of traumatic brain injury suffered by her husband, Bob Woodruff, injured while on a ABC reporting trip to Iraq during the Iraq War.

Perri Klass - Andrews Lecture 2010

2010 – Perri Klass, MD
Patients and Providers: Stories and Secrets

Klass is a Professor of Pediatrics and Journalism at New York University. She is an award winning author of fiction and non-fiction who writes extensively about a range of topics including medicine, children, literacy and knitting. She is a frequent contributor to Health Affairs and The New York Times.

Karen Barrow - 2009 Andrews Lecture

2009 – Karen Barrow
More than an Anecdote: The New York Times Patient Voices Series
Barrow is the creator of the “Patient Voices” series for The New York Times which features real stories from people coping with a range of illnesses and health challenges. Patient Voices appears on the Times’ Well Blog on the web. Barrow holds a MA in Biomedical journalism from New York University.

Eric Cassell MD - 2008 Andrews Lecture

2008 – Eric Cassell MD
Treating the patient or healing the person: What should be the goal of medicine?
Cassell is an Emeritus Professor, a member of the Institute of Medicine, a Master of the American College of Physicians and a retired internist who has written and lectured extensively about moral problems in medicine, the care of the dying and the nature of suffering. Dr. Cassell has been instrumental in developing patient-centered medical school curricula.