2011 Beyond Eureka!

Design Thinking

Designing for health: Better information, experience and outcomes

This conference explored how design thinking is being used to reduce fragmentation in today’s health care system and to recast the confusing barrage of health information by making it more understandable, compelling and persuasive.

Jeneanne Rae

Jeneanne Rae
Founder, President & CEO Motiv

Rae is an expert in design strategy and innovation. She has worked with dozens of large corporations and is on the Expert Panel for the AHRQ Innovations Exchange. Here she talks about co-creation, stakeholders and unraveling hairballs.

Camille Kubie

Camille Kubie
Manager, Global Brand & Design, GE Corporate

Kubie leads GE’s corporate brand strategy that supports GE’s ecomagination and healthymagination initiatives. She has pioneered the use of data¬† visualization as a new way to tell GE’s story. Here she talks about data, Facebook and Farmville.

Ben Fry

Ben Fry
Principal, Fathom

Fry’s information graphics have illustrated articles for Nature, New York Magazine, and The New York Times. He has created many of the data visualizations for GE’s healthymagination.com. Here he talks about dueling data brothers – Aesthetics & Function.


C. Todd Staub

C. Todd Staub, MD, FACP
Board Chairman, ProHealth Physicians Vice Chair, Connecticut Center for Primary Care

Staub is an internist and the Chairman of ProHealth Physicians, a physician owned and led integrated primary care group practice in Connecticut. Here he asks, “Is it too late for design thinking to improve healthcare?”