About Us

Rigorous health research that leads to improved health

The Patrick and Catherine Weldon Donaghue Medical Research Foundation provides grants for medical research of practical benefit.  It focuses on initiatives to strengthen research on health issues, to promote research leadership, and to put new knowledge to work for public benefit.

The Foundation supports work in a wide range of disciplines aimed at improving mental and physical health, advancing clinical interventions and the delivery of health services, and improving community and public health status.

The Foundation is particularly interested in funding research that has the potential for a direct, near term impact to improve health and in supporting initiatives designed to promote the transfer of knowledge to useful applications.

The Donaghue Foundation was established in 1991 by the will of Ethel Donaghue in memory of her parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who was Ethel Donaghue?
Ethel Donaghue was a West Hartford resident who died in 1989 without any heirs.  She gave nearly all of her $56 million estate to fund The Patrick and Catherine Medical Research Foundation.

What does the Donaghue Foundation fund?
Donaghue Foundation funds medical and health research with near-term impact on improving health. Our currently programs focus research with existing data to improving the health of elders in care facilities (Another Look) and research to promote greater value in our healthcare system (Great Value Portfolio). A third program, R3 – Making Research Relevant and Ready, provides funding to former Donaghue grantees to assist them in scaling their evidence-based innovations.

 Are you a Connecticut-based funder?
No.  Both Another Look and Greater Value Portfolio grant programs are open to investigators at tax-exempt research institutions in the United States.

 How do you review applications?
We use a peer-review process to evaluate the best applications to receive an award. Letters of intent are evaluated without the name of the applicant or his or her institution; full applications are evaluated with this information. More information about how we review applications is available

 Where can I get information about grant programs?
 Check out the Grant Opportunities section on this site.