Mission, Vision, Goals & Values

The Foundation supports a diverse portfolio of research projects, from understanding the mechanisms of disease, to improving clinical treatments, to public health initiatives that prevent illness—all founded on excellent science.

Vision Statement:

We envision continual improvement in people’s health as a result of research being converted into practical benefit.


Mission Statement:

We will be an imaginative, collaborative and engaged participant in the process that begins with rigorous health research and ends in realized health benefits and by doing so give the vision of Ethel Donaghue its best expression.


  1. Promote knowledge uptake of health research into the realms of health care delivery,practice and policy.
  2. Advance the Foundation’s mission by collaborating with people and organizations that have the opportunity and responsibility to improve health.
  3. Ensure that our grantmaking programs are structured to support rigorous research that more directly leads to a positive impact on health.
  4. Identify and support promising researchers and organizations whose work encompasses principles of knowledge uptake.
  5. Build networks and collaborations to test innovative ideas related to grant making and health research.
  6. Contribute to efforts, both internal and external to the research enterprise, that optimize the capacity of health research to address the needs of policy makers, practitioners and consumers.



We are steadfast in our pursuit of the purpose entrusted to us by Miss Donaghue while giving her vision its best expression in a world of continual discovery and changing conditions.


As we seek innovative ways to make a difference in health, we maintain the integrity, prudence and transparency that mark the work of a fiduciary.


We will be actively engaged with those from a variety of perspectives and disciplines who are also involved in seeking to improve human health.


We balance rigorous pursuit of new knowledge with thoughtful translation of that knowledge into practical use benefiting humans.