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Another Look 2020

Another Look Grant Program
Opening 2/17/2020

Another Look 2020 provides funding for health-related research projects that can improve the quality of care and the quality of life for adults who are 65 year or older and who are long term residents living in nursing homes, assisted living, and other congregate care facilities.

This program requires researchers to rely on existing datasets to address the research question they seek to answer. Limited collection of new data is allowed in this program if it will enhance the utility of the project outcomes to improve quality in care facilities.

Researchers applying for this grant must include a stakeholder in the care delivery or policy arena with whom they will collaborate and who is willing to work with the researcher to develop products such as infographics, tool kits or training materials that are based on the research findings and could be used by those stakeholders to improve quality of care or quality of life for residents in long term care.

The Foundation welcomes all topics related to improving quality in long term care facilities but is particularly interested in supporting research focused on high priority issues that were identified through an environmental scan recently conducted by the Foundation. These high priority topics are:

  • increasing the availability and use of palliative, end of life, and hospice care
  • assessing the impact of innovations in staffing roles and expertise on resident quality of life
  • assessing the role of family members and informal caregivers on resident quality of life
  • understanding and reducing the impact of ageism on resident health and wellbeing
  • reducing isolation and loneliness and their negative impact on resident health and wellbeing
  • addressing racial, ethnic, gender or income disparities in care quality or health outcomes
  • enhancing understanding of the specialized care needs of resident populations with developmental disabilities or with serious mental illness

In all programs, the Foundation requires applicants to demonstrate that they have reviewed their research questions, protocols, sampling, and data analyses to ensure that they do not inadvertently mask or exacerbate racial, ethnic or gender health inequities.

In 2020, the Foundation will invest a total of approximately $750,000 in this grant program and expects to make four or five awards. Projects may be up to two years in length.

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Greater Value Portfolio

Greater Value Portfolio Grant Program

Opening March 2020

The Donaghue Foundation Greater Value Portfolio grant award program will fund research projects for two years with a maximum amount of $400,000 per award.  The goal of the Greater Value Portfolio program is to test approaches and tools that organizations can readily use to improve the value of the healthcare they provide to their patients and communities.  Learn More

Greater Value Frequently Asked Questions


R3 – Making Research Relevant & Ready


Currently Closed

The goal of the R3 grant program is to help researchers better prepare their health interventions for adoption and use in real world settings. The R3 funds will enable the grantees to access experts in areas relevant to scaling, spread, and implementation. This award is available only to current or former Donaghue grantees. Learn More

March 15, 2019- Letter of intent deadline
June 3, 2019- Applications due
September 2019- Grant term begins

R3 Grant Announcement

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