The goal of the R3 grant program is to help researchers better prepare their health interventions for adoption and use in real world settings. The R3 funds will enable the grantees to access experts in areas relevant to scaling, spread, and implementation.

R3 was developed to help promote knowledge created from research so that it will improve health. In creating this program, we recognize that expertise from disciplines outside those traditionally eligible for research funding is needed for scaling, dissemination, and sustainability of evidence-based programs and practices. It is the Foundation’s goal to provide researchers with financial support to access those experts, thus better positioning the health interventions to grow and be sustained following the completion of the research phase.

The grants awarded for this program are $50,000 (plus 10% indirect), and the grant term for the award is 18 months. Extensions to this grant term will only be considered in extraordinary circumstances.

Who may apply

The R3 program is only open to current and past Donaghue grantees. In order to receive the R3 award, the applicant must demonstrate how previous Donaghue funding has directly led to the intervention or evidence-based practice or program for which the grant monies will be used. R3 grantees may use this award to augment funding for a project already funded by another grant.

Timeline for application process

The Foundation is committed to awarding four R3 awards during 2020.The application process requires a letter of intent and an invited application. In 2020, there are no deadlines for submitting letters of intent. A letter of intent may be submitted at any time during the year. A response to those who have submitted a letter of intent notifying whether an application is being invited will be made within two weeks of LOI submission. Invited applications must be submitted within six weeks of the date of the invitation to apply. Notification of award decision will be made to applicants within six weeks of submitting the application.

LOI submission                        No deadline

Notice of LOI decision             Two weeks from LOI submission

Application submission           Within six weeks of invitation to submit an application

Notice of decision on award   Within six weeks of application submission

2020 Application Documents

R3 Grant Announcement

R3 Letter of Intent Instructions

R3 Application Instructions

R3 Application Forms

R3 Frequently Asked Questions

For question or further information, please email us at r3@donaghue.org.

R3 2nd Opportunity Award

The R3 2nd Opportunity award gives R3 grantees the opportunity to request additional funds of up to $30,000 (plus 10% indirect) within one year of completing their initial R3 grant. The 2nd Opportunity award enables grantees to further advance the work they undertook in their initial R3 grant that has particular promise.

Past Awardees


David Meltzer, MD PhD
Chief, Secton of Hospital Medicine
Director, Center for Health and Social Sciences
University of Chicago
“The Institute for Comprehensive Care: A Not-for-Profit to Disseminate and Develop the Comprehensive Care Physician (CCP) Model”


Amber E. Barnato, MD, MPH
Professor, The Dartmouth Institute
Dartmouth College
“Narrative Engagement to Motivate Advance Care Planning”


Ateev Mehrotra, MD, MPH
Associate Professor of Health Care Policy
Harvard Medical School
“Helping States Help Patients Find Price Data”

Patricia Folcarelli, RN, PhD
Senior Director, Patient Safety
Silverman Institute for Health Care Quality and Safety
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
“Understanding Preventable Harm”
R3 2nd Opportunity Award

Becca Levy, PhD
Professor of Epidemiology and Psychology
Yale School of Public Health
“Creating the Community Health Empowerment Site”

Joann P. Reinhardt , PhD
Director of Research
The New Jewish Home Research Institute on Aging
“Sustainable Practice Change for Improved Nursing Home Care”

Simon Mahler, MD
Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine
Wake Forest University
“The HEART Pathway: Local Implementation to Broad Dissemination”

Leslie Curry, PhD
Senior Research Scientist in Public Health
Yale School of Public Health
“Translating ‘Leadership Saves Lives’ for Greater Impact”
R3 2nd Opportunity Award


Leslie Curry, PhD, MPH
Yale University School of Medicine
“Translating Leadership Saves Lives for Greater Impact”

Patricia Folcarelli RN, PhD
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
“Understanding Preventable Harm”


William Zempsky, MD
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
“SEED – Greater Understanding of Sickle Cell Disease”
R3 2nd Opportunity Award


Nancy Berlinger, PhD
The Hastings Center
“Reaching Non-Self-Identifiers in End-of-Life Care: Resolving uncertainty and improving practice among hospital clinicians across teams and shifts”
R3 2nd Opportunity Award

John Cahill, MBBS and Vinod Srihari, MD
Yale University
 “Stepping Out: A web and outcomes-based model for early psychosis care”


Judith Fifield, PhD
University of Connecticut Health Center
“Enhancing the Dissemination of SisterTalk”
R3 2nd Opportunity Award

Sharon Inouye, MD
Hebrew SeniorLife
“Help 2.0 Relevant, Ready and Reachable”
R3 2nd Opportunity Award

Arietta Slade, PhD
Yale University School of Medicine
Minding the Baby®: From Research to Service Expansion”
R3 2nd Opportunity Award


Anne Camp, MD
Fair Haven Community Health Center
“Replicating a Healthy Lifestyle Program in FQHCs”

Robert Kerns, PhD
Yale School of Medicine
“Pain Care Quality Improvement/Research Marketplace”

Martha Page, MPH
Ann M. Ferris, PhD
Hartford Food System, Inc.
“Healthy Food Marketing in Hartford Grocery Stores”

Anne Thorndike, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital
“Scaling and Implementation of a Worksite Healthy Eating Program”

William Zempsky, MD
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
“SEED – Greater Understanding of Sickle Cell Disease”


Nancy Berlinger, PhD
The Hastings Center
“Reaching Non-Self-Identifiers: Marketing The Hastings Guidelines to Health Care Professionals Outside End-of-Life Networks”

Michelle Cloutier, MD
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
“Payer-Based Provider Portals to Accelerate Adoption and Dissemination of Easy Breathing™”

Judith Fifield, PhD
University of Connecticut Health Center
“Translating a regionally developed and academically supported health promotion program for dissemination in new regions and in collaboration with a non-profit health plan.”

Sharon Inouye, MD
Hebrew SeniorLife
“HELP 2.0-Relevant, Ready and Reachable”

Linda Mayes, MD & Lois Sadler, PhD
Yale University
“Minding the Baby®”

Diane Meier, MD
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
“IT Enhancement/Integration for the National Palliative Care Registry™ – Data Drives Access to Quality Palliative Care”