Photo of Elizabeth Park

Elizabeth Park Trust

Ethel F. Donaghue was a resident of West Hartford for nearly 60 years, living just a short distance from Elizabeth Park. In addition to creating the Patrick and Catherine Weldon Donaghue Medical Research Foundation, her Will established a much smaller trust in her own name to conduct capital improvement projects in the park she lived near and loved so much. Beginning in 1991, the Ethel F. Donaghue Trust for Elizabeth Park has already spent several hundreds of thousands in park improvements, including a major tree pruning and maintenance effort, and the building of the Sunrise Overlook on the east side of the park.

It has contributed to the improvements to the Pond House, restoration of the two green houses and the historic orchid green house and paid for the granite curbing and crosswalks in the expanded parking area near the Asylum Avenue entrance. The Trust has also paid for numerous other smaller efforts over the years.

The most recent projects funded by the Trust are a new gateway for the Prospect Avenue entrance and a small, quiet sitting area at the confluence of the existing paths just south of the pond and slightly east of the larger of the two bridges. This sitting area serves as a memorial to Ethel Donaghue.