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Another Look

Another Look Grant ProgramANOTHER LOOK – NOW OPEN

This program provides funding for health-related research projects that can improve the quality of care and the quality of life for the elderly population in nursing homes or other care facilities. Researchers applying for this grant must identify a stakeholder in the care delivery or policy arena with whom they will either consult or collaborate and who is willing to work with the researcher to develop a research product that may be readily used to improve care or quality of life. Existing data must be used for research funded through this program. In 2018, the Foundation will invest approximately $750,000 in this grant program, and we intend to award up to six two-year projects. Learn More

February 5, 2018- Letter of intent deadline
April 16, 2018- Applications due
August 2018- Grant term begins

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Greater Value Portfolio

Greater Value Portfolio Grant ProgramCURRENTLY CLOSED

The Donaghue Foundation Greater Value Portfolio grant award program will fund research projects for three, four or five years with a maximum amount of $600,000 per award for the purpose of creating new approaches to achieving a higher value healthcare system. The goal of this program is to test new approaches and tools that organizations can readily use to improve the value of the healthcare they provide to their patients and communities. Learn More

May 1, 2017 – Letter of intent deadline
July 31, 2017 – Applications due

January 2018 – Grant term begins

Greater Value Grant Announcement & LOI Instructions 2017

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R3 – Making Research Relevant & Ready

R3 – Now Open

The goal of the R3 grant program is to help researchers better prepare their health interventions for adoption and use in real world settings. The R3 funds will enable the grantees to access experts in areas relevant to scaling, spread, and implementation. This award is available only to current or former Donaghue grantees. Learn More

November 1, 2017- Letter of intent deadline
January 30, 2018- Applications due
May 1, 2018- Grant term begins

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