Donaghue Office Announces Two Staff Changes

Donaghue Office Announces Two Staff Changes

At the end of 2021, Donaghue will have two staff changes at its office. Lynne Garner will be retiring from her position as President of the Donaghue Foundation on December 31. Although Lynne will be missed, we are pleased to announce that Stacy Cloud will become the Foundation’s new President on January 1, 2022.

Lynne started working at the Foundation in 2001 and became President in 2003 and was named the co-Trustee of the Foundations in 2008. She supervised a number of program changes that took advantage of emerging trends in medical and health research. Through Lynne’s leadership, the Donaghue Foundation has created an environment of partnership and collaboration. The Foundation has partnered on multiple projects with several other charitable organizations to magnify and leverage the impact of its grants. During her time as co-Trustee, Donaghue changed from funding only at Connecticut institutions to funding research intuitions throughout the U.S.

Lynne has taken on several leadership roles beyond Donaghue. One was serving as Treasurer and Secretary for the Health Research Alliance, an organization of over 90 medical research funders. Through her efforts, Donaghue has been one of the founding members of the emerging Transforming Evidence Funders Network, a global and multi-sector group of research funders that seeks more effective ways to have research evidence used in practice and policy.

Lynne will remain in her role as co-Trustee working with Bank of America, represented by Amy Lynch, to ensure that the three trusts created by Ethel Donaghue fulfill their stated purpose and are compliant with all legal and regulatory requirements.

As President, Stacy will be responsible for the overall operation of the grant programs, managing the day-to-day administrative and communication activities, and planning and implementing future initiatives.

Stacy has been an essential part of the Foundation’s work for the past 14 years, and she has deep knowledge of all aspects of Donaghue’s core activities. Her expertise, insight, and professionalism are apparent to all that have worked with her. Amy and Lynne look forward to working with Stacy as she imparts her vision for continuing the advancement of Donaghue’s mission and vision.