New Soapbox Vlog

By Lynne Garner, PhD

Lynne Garner, PhD

May 6, 2022

    Our Soapbox blog was initially created to encourage individuals with expertise on topics in medical research to share field insights, discoveries, and perspectives. We have decided to give our Soapbox a new format – a vlog (video-blog). To forge new relationships, continue to build on existing relationships, and expand the Donaghue network, we invite professionals in the field to “get on their soapbox.”

    “Change brings opportunity.”

    Nido Qubein

    We look forward to cultivating an arsenal of diverse experiences and perspectives to learn more about our colleagues, other organizations, and new developments in the field. Although our vlog emphasizes the value of our guiding principles, we intend for this form of communication to allow professionals in the field to share their work, impart wisdom, and present new information.

    This year our Soapbox will focus on themes relative to our five guiding principles: practical benefit, integrity, inclusivity, engagement, and innovation. We invite anyone watching to share their stories, thoughts, and creativity highlighting any of these principles. The benefit of this new format is the autonomy participants have in sharing their stories. The personal, the professional, the political…none are off-limits. We invite you to get on your soapbox!

    If you are interested in sharing a brief 3-minute personal, professional, or organizational story of you on your Soapbox please email our program coordinator, Shamira Chappell, at

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