A Connecticut Public-Private Funding Partnership

A Connecticut Public-Private Funding Partnership

Earlier this year, Donaghue joined with three other Connecticut-based health philanthropies and the State of Connecticut to fund a study on healthcare cost containment strategies used by other states and to recommend a cost containment strategy or set of strategies for Connecticut.

The Connecticut Health Foundation, the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut, The Foundation for Community Health, and Donaghue contributed $190,000 (Donaghue’s share was $15,000) to the total project cost of $363,450.

The study was commissioned by Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman, chair of the Health Care Cabinet, to assist the Cabinet in making recommendations on cost containment as required by Public Act 15-146. Bailit Health, a healthcare consulting company based in Massachusetts, was awarded the contract for the study.

The study is focusing on successful practices in Oregon, Maryland, Vermont, Rhode Island, Washington and Massachusetts that monitor and control costs, enhance competition and increase the cost effectiveness of the healthcare market, improve the transparency of healthcare costs, and improve quality of care and health outcomes.

Donaghue decided to join with the other three health funders because the study is well-aligned with its major grant program, the Greater Value Portfolio. Over three years, Donaghue expects to commit $5.4 million in research grants to test new approaches to achieving a higher value healthcare system.

Preliminary study reports have been made to the Health Care Cabinet throughout the year, with Bailit Health’s “straw model” presented at the July meeting. (Presentation materials, agendas for future meetings, and meeting minutes are available at www.portal.ct.gov/hcc, and all meetings are open to the public.) A final report to the legislature will be made in December.